About Iridology:

Iridology is the practice of analyzing the iris of the eye to determine what organ systems in the body have genetic tendencies for deficiencies. Iridology has been practiced by many alternative health practitioners as well as licensed medical doctors for over 100 years. The analysis of the eye to determine conditions of health in the body dates back over 6000 years, however. Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician, analyzed the iris and knew that it was a reflex organ for the whole body. The iris is a map of the entire body, much like we find in foot reflexology. In the iris, one may find markings that indicate genetic tendencies for problems in the area of the body that the iris relates to. The level of deficiency in that area can also be determined by how dark the marking is. We are all born with some inherited sensitivities, and through improper diet, living habits, etc., those sensitivities sometimes turn into chronic or disease states. Having a marking in a particular area, however, does not necessarily mean that one will end up with a disease in that area. It will depend a lot upon a persons lifestyle and nutritional habits. Iridology does not diagnoses disease.